Institutions & Family Offices


Raintree understands that institutional investors often have specific requirements for their underlying investment selection decisions. Endowments, pensions, family offices and portfolio managers need catered advice when it comes to alternative and private investments – Raintree can help.


Idea Generation & Investment Recommendations

Alternative and private investments are the last frontier of true asymmetric information in the area of finance. With advances in technology, information about public stocks and bonds are ubiquitous whereas alternative and private investments are more opaque. Investors generally need to rely on subject matter experts – welcome to Raintree. Our experts live and breathe alternative investments. We can help demystify these investments and ensure our clients properly understand the risks.

Raintree is constantly in the market originating investment strategies and selecting best-in-class teams. We can help institutional clients generate investment strategies that fit within their investment policy statements, which is critical. It is not enough to identify a need for rebalancing or asset allocation – you have to make sure the specific investments are well-researched, have undergone extensive due diligence and are premium offerings. We work with consultants, boards and investment managers to ensure all areas of risk are well managed.

When we familiarize ourselves with our clients, we can ensure our investment recommendations are a strong fit for the mandate. Raintree also works with institutional investors to structure offerings that fit their mandate. We match these investors with management teams that establish themselves as institutional quality.

Subject Matter Expertise

All fund managers have unique needs. Objectives can range between clients, whether it’s preserving capital, matching fund obligations, benchmarking against CPI or creating wealth.

Every investor is looking for:

  • Strong management;
  • Quality economic models;
  • Barriers to entry or competitive advantages;and
  • A high grade risk-adjusted return.

Raintree’s expertise is filtering through the data, conversations, economics and noise to identify the highest quality opportunities. We vet investments thoroughly before they receive our support. Our clients benefit from our ability to generate quality ideas that are fully thought through, well scrutinized and represent our best recommendations.

Our Process

We can work both top-down and bottom-up.

Our top-down strategy is getting to know our clients, understand their portfolio allocations and objectives and then cultivate ideas that fit the mandate. This works best for investors that already have an investment policy statement and have identified a gap that needs to be filled. On these mandates, we can then use our industry contacts to identify investment opportunities that fit the portfolio strategy.

Our bottom-up process generally involves us identifying an institutional grade opportunity that requires access to capital. Our Corporate Finance team is constantly in the market working with managers to underwrite excellent investment opportunities. When we identify these opportunities, we match them with investors we believe will benefit most from the strategy.

We are flexible to assisting our clients in ways that fit their investment model. Contact the Raintree Corporate Finance team for more information.


We established Raintree to help clients access new opportunities and make better-understood investment decisions with confidence. The following are examples of institutional and family office investments:

For more information about these previous offerings or currently available institutional offerings, please contact Eric Hansen.